All You Need to Know About Flatfix Aluminium Solar Mounting Structures!

Did You know? You can save time & money with the most revolutionary flat roof mounting solution in the world! 

All You Need to Know About Flatfix Aluminium Solar Mounting Structures!
All You Need to Know About Flatfix Aluminium Solar Mounting Structures!

Engineered for flat roof mounting applications, Salasar Engineering’s Flatflix Aluminium Solar Mounting Structure is a non-penetrating solution that can be installed at a rate of 2-3kW per man hour, making it one of the fastest, easiest & most cost-effective solutions on the market today for Solar Mounting Structures.

The configurable design accommodates about 0-29 degree module tilt & best of all, requires no ballast blocks or concrete in 90-120 mph basic wind zones.

These Solar Module Mounting Structures by Salasar Engineering (ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified) are designed to work with a variety of standoffs & flashings when attachments are necessary for seismic high wind zones requirements and their benefits are many:

  • Maximum flexibility
  • Flush, high-profile or low-profile configurations Roof or ground mount pitched or flat roof Ease of installation.
  • Installer-friendly components Minimized penetration with longer attachment spans than competitive products designed with customer input.
  • Impressively innovative – Value & Quality.
  • Self ballasting system in 90-120 mph wind zones Freedom & flexibility accommodates majority of PV modules maintains roofing system warranty.
  • Engineered Smart – Assemble,Don’t Build.
  • No field fabrication required, Installs at 2-3kW per man hour.
  • Strength – Bigger, Fewer, Better.
  • Install with 1 socket wrench, economical aluminium components & stainless steel fasteners.
  • Faster, flexible components. Configurable roof touch points, Compatible with off-the shelf wire management.  

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Let’s make a difference environmentally with the expertise of Salasar Engineering!

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