Applications of Helical Piles / Anchors

Did you know? Helical piling is used for a wide variety of applications throughout the construction industry and that even Geotechnical engineers have become more & more aware of helical screw pile / anchor foundations and their varied applications.

Helical Piles / Anchors by Salasar Engineering

Uses for helical piles / anchors include foundations for houses, commercial buildings, light poles, pedestrian bridges, and even to make sound walls. Helical piles / anchors are also used to repair failed foundations or to augment existing foundations for support of new loads. Helical piles / anchors can be installed at any angle to support tensile in addition to compressive loads. They are used for retaining wall systems, utility guy anchors, membrane roof systems, pipeline buoyancy control, transmission towers, and so much more. Helical piles / anchors are also used as guy wire anchors and foundations for transmission towers.

Helical Piles / Anchors for durable structures & foundations by Salasar Engineering
Screw Piles / Anchors by Salasar Engineering

Helical piles / anchors are used for new foundations, additions, decks, in addition to repair of existing foundations in residential construction. Small and maneuverable installation equipment & low mobilization cost make helical piles / anchors ideal for sites with low or limited access, such as narrow lots & backyards.

Helical Piles / Anchors are used inside many commercial buildings as well as existing buildings where new loads are planned, thanks to their installation ability without vibration in low-headroom areas. They have been used inside existing buildings to support mezzanines or additional floors. They have also been used to support staircase & elevator additions for new commercial buildings as well as to support heavy manufacturing equipment in commercial buildings.

Helical piling for deep foundations has made great strides in recent years, mainly because of its versatility & ease of use. Advances in materials and equipment have resulted in helical piling with a wider range of capacities and applications. Larger hydraulic equipment enables the owners & contractors to prefer helical piling on projects where higher foundation loads are required. Equipment output torque capacities have also increased which means higher helical piling design loads are now easily achievable. 

Helical piles / anchors are practical, versatile, innovative, and economical deep foundations, and when it comes to choosing the best brand of Helical Piles / Anchors, Salasar Engineering is trusted around the world, because of its superior quality and customizability.

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