Our Infrastructure of Module Mounting Structures at Salasar Engineering

We at Salasar Engineering ( ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified) offer comprehensive solar energy solutions with customisation, proper certifications & assurance to specifications for various Module Mounting Structures needs!

Our Innovative Designing Facility:

Going beyond limitations & conventional thinking is the goal at Salasar Engineering. Advanced & futuristic designing facility manned by a competent team ensures optimised designs. Low in cost, viable products with no compromise in quality, we set the standards in design!

Our State-Of-The-Art Manufacturing:

Our Infrastructure of Module Mounting Structures at Salasar Engineering
Our Infrastructure of Module Mounting Structures at Salasar Engineering

Our factory is equipped with modern facilities to give a leading edge in manufacturing. Our Rolling mills capable of giving unmatched quality make us at par with the giants of the industry.

Our High Precision Fabrication:

Systematic workflow with powerful, fully automatic set up ensures accuracy yielding operationally feasible & durable products, so that there is no chance of human error. Working strictly by the manuals, we can handle large quantities with high precision.

Salasar Engineering Infrastructure

Our Unparalleled Galvanizing Facility:

Equipped with latest technology, we can undertake galvanization of all types of structures. With the best handling & galvanizing machinery, uniform coating & surface finish is assured.

Our Modernized Testing Facility:

Advanced testing facilities that include mechanical, electrical & software labs ensure stringent quality control measures. Tested for all the possible parameters of quality, the products are at par with global standards. 

To know about these Solar Module Mounting Structures, connect with us on info@salasarengineering.com or visit our website www.salasarengineering.com 

Alternately, you may call us on (+91) 9830049998 and we’d be happy to assist you!

Let’s make a difference environmentally with the expertise of Salasar Engineering!

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