Salasar Engineering’s Screw Piles: The preferred choice for varied industries!

Screw pile foundations are the preferred choice for a number of industries. While they were originally developed for the nautical industry, they are now used in rail, road, telecommunications, and civil engineering. Screw piles can bear large tensile and compression loads, so they are often used for masts, signs, and retaining structures.

The various uses of Screw Piles:

Salasar Engineering's Screw Piles: The preferred choice for varied industries!
Salasar Engineering’s Screw Piles: The preferred choice for varied industries!
  • The Solar industry requires strong solar structures that withstand high temperatures & extreme weather conditions provided by strong, & good quality screw piles made by Salasar Engineering!
  • When deep foundations are required due to the site, soil, and/or construction conditions and allowable/service loads are within the typical range for helical foundations. 
  • As an alternative to deep excavations for the removal and replacement of foundation soils. The break-even point for excavation versus deep foundations varies from project to project depending upon factors such as excavation depth, excavation volume, haul distance to a disposal site and availability of suitable backfill soils. 
  • As an alternative to other deep foundations such as auger-cast piles, drilled shafts and driven piles. Helical piles may not achieve similar high capacities as the other deep foundation options. However, even if more helical piles are required, they may still be the more cost-effective option.
  • In conditions of limited or tight access. Helical piles are selected for many projects simply because the piles and the installation equipment can be sized according to the accessibility of the job. 
  • Where minimal vibrations from installation are required. Helical piles are typically installed with smaller equipment and the pile installation does not create vibrations. This means there is little impact to surrounding homes or businesses during this phase of construction.

Many designers view helical foundation systems with some degree of skepticism as a fairly new technology, especially in applications such as deep foundation support for a structure.

In actuality, the use of helical piles in construction dates back nearly 200 years. Today, helical piles are gaining worldwide acceptance throughout the construction industry and engineering community due to the versatility of both the product and the installation equipment.

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